National Apprenticeship Week: Develop skills for life in accounting

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February 7, 2024

As National Apprenticeship Week takes the main stage, we’re highlighting some of our excellent apprentices. At EKWilliams we pride ourselves on nurturing talent from the beginning of the apprenticeship and supporting them all the way through. We are always on the look out for tenacious and ambitious individuals who are considering a career in accountancy! 

As such, we want to put the spotlight on Meg Bourne, our VAT and Accounts Supervisor. Meg has been with us since the start of 2023, and quickly became a valuable asset to the team through her dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment. 


Meg Bourne – VAT and Accounts Supervisor

Q:  What motivated you to become an apprentice at EKWilliams? 

“I always wanted to become an accountant, but it was more a case of whether I should do the standard university route, which is what I was going to do. But then I was suggested the idea of an apprenticeship and the benefits of it, such as no student debt. 

The thought of working alongside professionals at EKWilliams and getting experience whilst studying was something I couldn’t turn down.” 

Q:  So, how’s it been going?  

 “So, I’m part of the audit & accounts team. I  review VAT returns and do a little bit of bookkeeping. It’s all really good experiences for me while I make my way up the ranks and I’m constantly learning every day. I’m progressing more on my audit work, doing more year-end accounts and training more people too.  

It’s all been benefitting me massively, giving me great skills that’s needed in the workplace. I’m constantly learning from the team and the varying levels of work. I think socially its been really nice as well, we go on lunches and do other things as a team so it’s very much a team basedwork environment which I love.  

Q:  Have you faced many challenges?  

 “It can be difficult, as I’m doing my ACA (Level 7) qualification, so I’m juggling the workload whilst studying.  My working hours combined with studying in the evenings can be difficult, but good time management and planning can make this easier. The workload has really helped with my exams and applying that knowledge. It’s definitely rewarding when you get the exam results and see how much progress you’re making. Also, the experience you gain whilst working here is so valuable so it’s really worth the hard work!” 

Q:  What skills have you gained while working here? 

 “I would say problem-solving and communication are some skills I’ve really improved on. We handle loads of different people, clients and fellow staff. I think overall, the firsthand experience is so vital, which has really improved my skills in all areas – studying is great but when you can put it into practice here you can really excel yourself. I just want to keep going and further develop as a professional.” 

Q:  Do you have any advice for someone considering an apprenticeship at EKWilliams ?  

 “I definitely would suggest it because there’s so many different routes to take with accountancy here. We have a very young team, so I’ve settled right in and I think anyone coming in would feel welcomed. I’ve recieved training on varying levels of work which is so valuable.  So definitely, if they want to do accountancy and maybe they don’t want to go down the university route then I would suggest an EKWilliams apprenticeship.” 

At EKWilliams, we undertsand the importance that apprenticeships hold in fostering talent and allowing individuals to reach their potential. We want to encourage ambitious individuals who see a career for themselves in accountancy to thrive under our training programme.