National Apprenticeship Week:
Develop skills for life in accounting –
Part 2

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February 9, 2024

National Apprenticeship Week is drawing to a close, but what a week it’s been! We’re delighted that #NAW2024 has been such a success in highlighting the importance of apprenticeships as a route into accounting. At EKWilliams, we’re proud to continue nurturing local talent into careers, forming the next generation of accountants.  

One of our prospects Brett Wright, is the perfect example of determination and brilliance that apprentices have to offer. Since 2021, Brett has continued to improve his abilities and has become a fundamental member in our department. He sat down with us to share his insights into what life is like as an apprentice at EKWilliams. 


Brett Wright – Semi Senior Accountant

Q: So, what motivated you to become an apprentice?  

I wanted the opportunity to complete my exams whilst also putting the theory into practice in the workplace. EKWilliams gave me this opportunity whilst also allowing me to earn a salary at the same time, as opposed to if I did the ACCA qualification full time or via university. I felt as though the apprenticeship route was perfect for me – and I haven’t looked back! 

Q: Can you share a bit about your daily responsibilities and tasks?  

So, my day-to-day responsibilities include completing year end accounts for limited companies, partnerships and sole traders. Other stuff includes completing self-assessment tax returns for individuals and corporation tax returns for companies. Finaly, I communicate with clients over the phone or email to resolve any queries.  

Quite a lot, I know, but the mixed workload is really rewarding and means that each day is different! 

Q: How do you think the programme is benefitting your professional development?  

Massively! The apprenticeship programme has really helped me, as it has allowed me to see the theory that I’m studying put into practice in the real world. Additionally, I’m learning on the job, so that can then help me embed the information when I’m studying for my exams. I think in general I feel that I have become a lot more organised and can manage my time better now, which not only benefits me in the workplace but also in my personal life.   

I was also chosen to go to Barcelona and spend a week at ETL GLOBAL España for the first ever ETL Challenge back in September 2023. It was such a valuable experience to meet people from across ETL GLOBAL (the professional services network that EKWilliams is part of). I enjoyed learning about the accounting practices in Spain, whilst also being able to explore the rich culture of Barcelona! 

Q: Do you feel supported in the programme?  

Definitely! My managers are happy to help with any areas that I am unsure of within my studies. They have offered to change the type of jobs that I work on so that it is tailored to my studies, and I can see the theory in practice. 

Also, the flexibility at EKWilliams is superb with my workload, allowing me to alter my work schedule depending on my studying timetable. For example, if I am at college for a few days one month, a colleague will help to cover my work and I will do the same when they’re studying.  

Q: If you had any advice for someone considering an apprenticeship, what would you say?

Apprenticeships are great, but you need to keep on top of your studies and portfolio work. The workload can be heavy if you fall behind, but the support here has been incredible, so whenever I do fall behind, my colleagues are always there to get me back on track. I would 100% suggest an accounting apprenticeship, especially at EKWilliams. 

Are you considering a career in accountancy? An apprenticeship at EKWilliams might be the path for you. For more information about our apprenticeship opportunities, please get in touch with Eleanor Taylor at [email protected].